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As consultants to large foreign groups as well as to local companies, and as a liaison to Brazilian governmental agencies, CELF has proven to be highly proficient. We offer full-service project planning, from initial economic and financial structuring all the way to navigating public bureaucracy. Among our areas of business we can highlight:



Due to our long term relationship with the Brazilian Ministry of Defense and their Armed Forces – the Air Force, the Navy and the Army – we at CELF are proud of our history as representatives of outstanding companies in this sector, following up on bids, and helping structure projects and partnerships.

CELF strives to establish relationships built on mutual trust and confidence with its interlocutors, fostering the concept of strategic knowhow.



Energy receives the largest share of Brazil’s public sector investments. Large state-owned companies like Petrobrás, BR, Transpetro, Eletrobrás, Furnas and Eletronorte, among others, amass revenues and make investments in the dozens of billions of Reais.

There is strong demand for the expansion of energy-generating industrial parks, with a view to diversifying the source. This allows for projects involving oil and gas, aeolic and photovoltaic energies, as well as bio-diesel and ethanol.

Due to the continental dimensions of the country, there is the need for a wider network of distribution of the energy produced. Therefore the public sector frequently invites bids for building and operating transmission lines.

Energy distribution today faces a period of adjustment and consolidation. As concessions auctioned during the last decade become outdated, many opportunities arise.



This sector has been expanding with every passing year, following the speed of technological advances. CELF has vast experience providing services to strategic clients with important transportation projects within the Brazilian Government.

Public Mass Transportation:

In the realm of urban infrastructure projects, CELF has assisted clients with interests in highways, airports and subways.

Cargo transportation:

CELF has clients involved in freighting by rail, air, sea, and land.


CELF has served as a consultant to one of the largest airport operators in the world, and is highly knowledgeable about the field of commercial air transportation.



The longshore and harbor sector in Brazil has become known to be a hindrance to national development. It is in need of investment for the increase of its installed capacity and for the modernization of its existing structure. CELF, with its expertise in this field, believes that this sector is vital for the country’s economy, and that this weak point jeopardizes the nation’s growth.



The new sanitation regulations recently approved by Congress will soon bring massive investments to this sector. Being one step ahead, CELF has already drawn up plans to structure specific investment funds aimed at drawing investors to this segment.



Having taken part in several partnerships in this segment, CELF has vast experience in the fields of high-technology: the Web, satellite reconnaissance, computer science, and surveillance.

IT – Information Technology

This area is in full-fledged growth due to the fast pace of technological changes. CELF has been involved in significant IT projects with the Brazilian Government, catering to strategic clients.


In recent years, the telecommunications segment has grown considerably, and now finds itself in a period of consolidation. Cast in a new mould since the privatizations of the 1990’s, the sector has attracted significant investments and international operators. CELF has provided services to several of these international operators and is well equipped to map the interests and opportunities of this segment in Brazil.



One of the Government’s top priorities, and a significant slice of the national budget’s pie, healthcare offers great opportunities – from the production of pharmaceuticals to the manufacturing of specialized equipment. CELF’s past clients in this area range from newcomers to already established companies that cater to governmental agencies.



This particular segment of the industry is placed in the position of having to submit to the map of decisions made by the oil and gas sector. CELF has been involved in projects in this area as well. Partners and Participation


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