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The Mendes de Almeida family has always been involved in improving Brazilian society. The family has played a significant role in education and entrepreneurially, since founding in 1902 the first private higher education facility in Latin America, Candido Mendes University.

Over 50 years ago, Luiz Fernando Mendes de Almeida began his career as a lawyer and a consultant, persuading foreign companies to develop their businesses in Brazil.

With a vision for amplifying the scope of CELF’s activities to other entrepreneurial areas, his eldest son, Luiz Fernando Mendes de Almeida Jr., joined the team in 1982. He succeeded in expanding international relations and in creating closer relationships with different levels of government.

Our professional team’s vast knowledge and impressive academic backgrounds enable us to deliver high-quality personalized consulting services in several sectors of industry.

CELF has always strived to attract to Brazil investments that generate development and job opportunities.

During the last few decades we have built solid relationships with important foreign entrepreneurs, as well as with local groups, while acting as counselors or consultants to several levels of the Brazilian public administration and governmental agencies.

Our way of doing business, which includes adapting to the cultural differences of our clients and always upholding highly ethical standards, has brought us much success as well as the gratific

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